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Prior to returning to the UK only recently, Jodie spent the last 5 years working in Mainland China.

Whilst in China, Jodie worked in all major cities as both a singer and DJ for the most exclusive clubs, lounges and large outdoor festivals and events.

In 2014 Jodie was also the only foreigner to be in the TV Show Chinese Idol on the nationwide Chinese talent show. The show, which is only in Chinese and watched by more than a billion viewers, saw Jodie reach the last 30 contestants.


Whilst in China Jodie also learnt speak the language and can now sing in both Chinese and Korean and following the success of Chinese Idol, then went on to enter The Voice of China were she came 3rd for the Sichuan province and in 2016, the second series of the Super Girls female talent show.

​Jodie is able to offer services such as:

  • Sing up to 10 Mandarin and Korean songs
  • Wear Chinese themed clothing
  • Speak and address audience in Mandarin
  • Experience in hosting raffles in Casinos for an Asian audience