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Jodie Yang-Cooper, an International vocalist & DJ has been working all over the world for the past 15 years.

She has achievements under her belt as a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, entertainment manager and more recently as a vocal DJ with her crowd-pleasing, high-energy live sets.

Over the past decade, DJ & Vocals has been lucky enough to have worked in China, Macau, Japan, Spain, Greece, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and the UK just to name a few.

Jodie specialises in her passion for 90’s, disco, house, ibiza & trance classics with some old school bangers always thrown in for good measure.  Her amazing vocal skills as a talented female singer means you get not only a DJ experience but live vocal samples spliced onto the mix.  

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Her amazing vocal skills as a talented female singer means she can adapt her singing style for different musical genres. As well as singing to well-known tunes, she is able to apply her soulful vocals to electronic music and freestyle over the top. 

Jodie has travelled extensively around the world entertaining audiences of all types at festivals, nightclubs, product launches, opening ceremonies, after-parties and private events.

Jodie is able to offer bespoke services such as: 

  • Customize up to 30 minutes of your favorite tracks into the set 

  • Themed sets including 90’s club classics, old school etc

  • Singing up to 3 of your favorite vocal tracks 

  • DJ equipment and sound system can be provided upon request

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